Online Journal

PART II, CHAPTER i - Hello from Kyoto!

Currently posted in Kyoto, - a small minimalistic hostel sharing its common wall with an Irish Pub. Jazz and Bossa Nova play in the background but the fighting cats just outside my window and the bloke slurping his noodle soup to my right, over power the smooth boppy vocals that once were soothing.

Why am I in Kyoto?  It was merely a slight detour from the original journey. What original journey you ask? A journey to the beautiful hustle and bustle that is Lagos Nigeria, where Shekudo will start a new chapter in her 2017/18 Story. By designing and manufacturing in my second home, the Shekudo brand will be able to deliver traceable, handmade products directly from one pair of hands to yours.

Come get amongst it.

Whether you're from Malaysia, Namibia, LA, New Jersey, Australia, Bolivia or (insert location here), I invite you along to experience as I experience and be apart of the story.

x Akudo.